Kidu – Your All-in-One Kids’ Shopify Theme

Transform your online kids’ store with Kidu, the ultimate Shopify theme. From toys to clothing, books, and more, Kidu has it all.
Elevate your brand and provide a seamless shopping experience for young explorers. Explore Kidu now!

Explore Kidu Theme’s Rich Features

Kidu offers a plethora of powerful features to enhance your Shopify store’s functionality and aesthetics. Dive into our feature set to elevate your online presence and provide a captivating shopping experience.


Keep your customers informed with announcements at the top of page. Share news, promotions, or important updates.


Allow customers to easily compare product features, helping them make decisions and boosting their confidence in your offerings.

Predictive Search

Help shoppers find what they want faster with predictive search, which displays product suggestions as they type in the search bar.


Grow your subscriber list with an integrated newsletter section. Stay in touch with your audience, share updates, and promote new arrivals.

Bundles Page

Create bundled product offerings with ease. Increase average order value by enticing customers with bundled deals.

Cart Drawer

Enhance the shopping experience with cart drawer. Customers can review and adjust their without leaving the current page.

Store Locations

Make it easy for customers to find your physical stores or locations. Build trust by providing accessibility information.

Scrolling Text

Grab attention with dynamic scrolling text. Use this feature to highlight special offers, promotions, or important messages.